Fahrenheit 451

Crossword Puzzle

Complete the crossword, and then click Check to check your answers. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.

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5                            6    7       8   
               9      10                 
11                              12        
             13               14          
15                           16           
              19            20            
21         22                             
              23     24     25                
     29          30     31                    
  36       37                             

2. Poem Montag reads to Mildred's friends.
5. According to the rule book, he was the first fireman.
6. Man who Montag met a year ago at the park and who now is helping him.
9. Number of atomic wars since 1990.
10. Montag tried to fill one with sand as a child.
11. Mildred and her friends watch him on the parlor walls.
12. Montag kills this man.
13. This a symbol of the profession of fireman. Plus, it is the shape of the fire trucks.
15. According to Beatty, this word became like a swear word.
16. Card game that the men play at the firehouse.
17. Advertisement on the train was for this product.
18. The book of the Bible that Montag has in his memory.
19. Faber's old profession.
20. Granger says they are going to build this kind of factory.
21. Beatty has Montag use this instead of kerosene on his own house.
25. Mildred considers the people on the television her ___________________.
26. How many copies of Shakespeare are in existence.
27. Used to be 20 feet long but now are 200 feet long to accomadate for speed.
28. Architects stopped putting these on houses.
29. Clarisse's uncle once got arrested for being a _______________________.
31. Faber says he is going to catch the 5 a.m. bus to this city where he will print books.
32. Montag jumps into this to escape from the mechanical hound.
33. One of the fireman whom Montag attacks.
34. Girl who is most responsible for Montag's transformation.
35. The protagonist of the story. The most dynamic character.
37. If you rub this on your chin and it comes off, it means you are in love.
38. Name for headphones.
39. Flammable oil used by the firefighters to burn the books.
40. Cars have this name in the novel.
42. This is the other anesthetic besides morphine that the Hound injects into its victims.
43. Man Montag meets on the tracks. He teaches Montag that everyone has to leave his mark on the world.

1. Religious figure who now advertises for products on the parlor walls.
3. Place where Montag hid his books.
4. Growls at Montag and suspects him of doing something wrong. Later another one chases him.
7. Book that Montag tries to remember while he is on the train.
8. Clarisse sees one of these because people think she is crazy.
14. Faber believes himself to be this because he didn't stand up for books when he could have.
20. Woman who overdoses on sleeping pills.
22. Author of the book Fahrenheit 451.
23. Place where Montag hid some of the books.
24. Granger says that Montag will smell like one of these after he drinks the liquid.
27. Mildred's friend who has had 3 husbands and has 2 children.
28. A symbol of the firemen's profession, and it stands for immortality.
30. The ironic label placed on Clarisse for the way she behaves at school.
34. City where Montag met his wife.
36. Montag and Faber drink this, and later Montag pours it over himself to rid himself of his scent.
38. Age of Clarisse.
40. Fireman who works with Montag. Montag plants books in his house.
41. Faber says there are a lot of _________________ degrees along the railroad tracks.