Vocabulary for "The Sieve and the Sand"

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451_sieve.jpg utensil of wire mesh or closely perforated metal, used for straining, sifting, ricing, or puréeingsieveaudio_icon.gif
1. to interpret from a rational standpoint; 2. to devise self-satisfying but incorrect reasons for one's behaviorrationalizeaudio_icon.gif
a device that circulates fresh air and expels stale or foul air.ventilatoraudio_icon.gif
to spread through or over, as with liquid, color, or lightsuffuseaudio_icon.gif
451_dentifrice.jpg substance, such as a paste or powder, for cleaning the teethdentifriceaudio_icon.gif
an article of clothinggarmentaudio_icon.gif
a criminal who illegally sets fire to propertyarsonistaudio_icon.gif
1. to eat up greedily; 2. to destroy, consumedevouraudio_icon.gif
1. a device employed to cheat, deceive, or trick; 2. a gadgetgimmickaudio_icon.gif
an annually elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic, ranking below but having approximately the same functions as a consul.
working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy mannerinsidiousaudio_icon.gif
a specialist who studies languageslinguistaudio_icon.gif
deserving of contempt; despicablecontemptibleaudio_icon.gif
something of little importance or valuetrifleaudio_icon.gif
to drive off or scatter in different directionsdisperseaudio_icon.gif