Lord of The Flies: Chapter 6 Summary Quiz

Gapfill exercise

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As , Piggy, and Ralph go to sleep, there is a in the air about ten miles above them. Although no one is awake to see it, a is shot down. And afterwards a man strapped to a comes down to the island.

Sam and almost let the go out. Once they get it going again, one of them comments that had it gone out, would have been waxy. Then they mock and a previous school teacher. As they are sitting by the fire, sees something and calls Sam’s attention to it. Once they both see the dead man on a , they go running to Ralph. They tell the boys that they saw the , and they embellish and say they saw the claws and of the beast. Ralph, Jack, and decide what to do. wants to hunt it right away. wants to wait until they have the going. And wants to live on the platform. suggest checking the rock, where they haven’t been before.

When they reach it, goes alone to explore. shortly follows because he couldn’t let have all the glory. Once sees the cave, he tells that it would be great for a . Ralph thinks it is a bad idea because there is not much fresh water there. While explains how to use the boulder as a weapon, realizes that there is no signal.