Of Mice and Men: Chapter 4 Summary Quiz

Gapfill Exercise

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   bank      barn      Candy      Candy      Candy      Candy      Candy      Candy      Candy      Crooks      Crooks      Crooks      Crooks      Crooks      Curley      Curley      Curley’s wife      farm      fighting      George      George      George      hand      hurt      Lennie      Lennie      Lennie      machine      men      puppies      rabbits      Saturday      talk      town      whorehouse   

It is night, and is all alone in his room. Because everyone but Lennie and went to town, is bored and walks into the to see the . Crooks acts irritated, but eventually strikes up a conversation with .

During the conversation, Lennie tells Crooks about the dream of owning a . doesn’t believe that it will ever happened. He starts to question the relationship between and Lennie. During this conversation, Crooks asks Lennie what he would do if George got . Lennie gets very angry at the thought of being harmed. Seeing this and afraid that he might get hurt by Lennie, Crooks tells him that is fine.

A little later, shows up to talk to Lennie about the . Crooks again says that he has seen many men with the same dream, and he says that they will not be able to buy the farm because George is in town spending their money at a . But tells Crooks that their money is in the . Crooks eventually buys into the dream and asks if he can join. He says that he would work hard and for no pay.

While the three are talking, shows up saying she is looking for Curley. After and Crooks make it clear that she shouldn’t be there, she complains that no one will to her. She says that she is bored and that doesn’t spend time with her. She says that when does speak to her, he talks only about . Then, she remembers that Curley’s was smashed. She asks the three what happened to it. tells her that Curley got it caught in a . She then looks at and says that he was the machine.

asks her many times to leave. He says that she will get them fired if she doesn’t leave. Then Candy tells her that they need the money because they are going to buy a ranch. She laughs at them and their dream. Because they ask her to leave vehemently, she attacks . She tells that he she could get him lynched.

She finally leaves when she hears the coming back from .. George shows up and finds out that had told Crooks about the dream. Because George shows his distaste in having a black man involved in their dreams, tells them to forget about his offer to help.