Word Stem Units 1 - 7 -- Keywords -- Flashcards


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something that happens before anotherantecedent
two-footed animalbiped
honor; memorializecommemorate
worthy of hatreddespicable
insert between; interruptinterject
shy personintrovert
mistaken opinion or beliefmisconception
after deathposthumous
twice a year or half-yearlysemiannual
opponent; enemyantagonist
cautious; carefully awarecircumspect
talk or behave in a way to show you think you are better; lower oneselfcondescend
disorganized, untidydisarray
going beyond; excessiveextravagant
within the walls; involving only students at the same schoolintramural
coolly unconcernednonchalant
opinion formed beforehandprejudice
lower ranksubordinate
shallow, not deepsuperficial
something that represents something elsesymbol
not embarrassedunabashed
disorder; chaosanarchy
murder of large number of people because of racegenocide
inflammation of the voice box that causes loss of voicelaryngitis
able to be heardaudible
attract attention by being extremely interestingcaptivate
removal of body tissue to discover if it is diseasedbiopsy
little importance; insignificantTRIvial
containing waterAQUeous
remove; cut outexCISE
self-governing; independentAUTOnomous
assign the origin of a certain characteristicaSCRIBe
word choiceDICTion
100th anniversaryCENTennial
speak in favor ofADvocate
study of humansanthropoLOGY
statement of beliefsCREDo
new wordNEOlogism
admit, acknowledgeconCEDE
unusual, strangeecCENTRIc
desire to help people, especially through donationsphilANTHROPy
made up of the same parts or elements; uniformedHOMOgeneous
attractive and likely to persuade to do something wrongseDUCTive
about to happenimPENDing
skimming over waterHYDROplaning
a person sent on a mission to represent anothereMISSary
lover of booksBIBLIOphile
look back on past eventsretroSPECt
postpone; delaydeFER
very smallMICROscopic
suitable for being photographedPHOTOgenic
star with five pointsPENTAgram
ability to communicate directly with each other's minds, without wordsTELEpathy
say againREiterate
chaos; complete disorderPANdemonium
a powerful force that some believe looks out and provide for people; GodproVIDence
single unvaried tone or sound; boringMONOtone
having many syllables; a long wordPOLYsyllabic
fake namePSEUDOnym
brain doctorNEUROlogist
mishmash of unpleasant sound; noisecacoPHONy
bring back to lifereVIVe
change of shapemetaMORPHosis
think carefullyPONDer