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antecedentsomething that happens before another
bipedtwo-footed animal
commemoratehonor; memorialize
despicableworthy of hatred
interjectinsert between; interrupt
introvertshy person
misconceptionmistaken opinion or belief
posthumousafter death
semiannualtwice a year or half-yearly
antagonistopponent; enemy
circumspectcautious; carefully aware
condescendtalk or behave in a way to show you think you are better; lower oneself
disarraydisorganized, untidy
extravagantgoing beyond; excessive
intramuralwithin the walls; involving only students at the same school
nonchalantcoolly unconcerned
prejudiceopinion formed beforehand
subordinatelower rank
superficialshallow, not deep
symbolsomething that represents something else
unabashednot embarrassed
anarchydisorder; chaos
genocidemurder of large number of people because of race
laryngitisinflammation of the voice box that causes loss of voice
audibleable to be heard
captivateattract attention by being extremely interesting
biopsyremoval of body tissue to discover if it is diseased
TRIviallittle importance; insignificant
AQUeouscontaining water
exCISEremove; cut out
AUTOnomousself-governing; independent
aSCRIBeassign the origin of a certain characteristic
DICTionword choice
CENTennial100th anniversary
ADvocatespeak in favor of
anthropoLOGYstudy of humans
CREDostatement of beliefs
NEOlogismnew word
conCEDEadmit, acknowledge
ecCENTRIcunusual, strange
philANTHROPydesire to help people, especially through donations
HOMOgeneousmade up of the same parts or elements; uniformed
seDUCTiveattractive and likely to persuade to do something wrong
imPENDingabout to happen
HYDROplaningskimming over water
eMISSarya person sent on a mission to represent another
BIBLIOphilelover of books
retroSPECtlook back on past events
deFERpostpone; delay
MICROscopicvery small
PHOTOgenicsuitable for being photographed
PENTAgramstar with five points
TELEpathyability to communicate directly with each other's minds, without words
REiteratesay again
PANdemoniumchaos; complete disorder
proVIDencea powerful force that some believe looks out and provide for people; God
MONOtonesingle unvaried tone or sound; boring
POLYsyllabichaving many syllables; a long word
PSEUDOnymfake name
NEUROlogistbrain doctor
cacoPHONymishmash of unpleasant sound; noise
reVIVebring back to life
metaMORPHosischange of shape
PONDerthink carefully
HYPOcriteone who preaches one thing and does another
loboTOMYremoving front part of the brain
PROTOtypeoriginal model
BENEfactorperson who offers financial help
comPUNCTionregret, remorse
alLOCateset aside for a special purpose
MAGNanimousgenerous, thoughtful, and understanding
acroPHOBIAfear of heights
disPUTedisagreement, argument
MATRIcidekilling one's mother
POPulouscontaining many people; large populatio
VITAlvery important, necessary, essential
conJECTureguess or theory
AMPHIbiananimal capable of living both on land and in water
EUlogyfuneral speech in which you praise the dead person
ENDOcrineglands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream
ORTHOdoxtraditional; widely accepted
MEGAlomaniahunger for power and control
DEMOgraphicsection of the population sharing common characteristics, such as age, sex, class
SURplusmore than is needed
anaCHRONismsomething that belongs to another time
LUNAticinsane person
CONTRAdictsay the opposite
inCOGNitohiding one's true identity
DYNAmicvery lively and enthusiastic
HYPERboleextreme exaggeration
OCTAvemusical tone eight full tones above or below another tone
GEOlogystudy of the earth and what it's made of
endoSCOPEdevice to look inside a body cavity or organ
DECalogueTen Commandments
MARinadeliquid that you put food into to give it a special flavor before cooking
PYROmaniauncontrollable desire to set fire to thinks.
TETRAlogyseries of four related works
SONorousfull and deep sound
AMATeurperson who does something for enjoyment, not money
seGREGateseparate by race or religion
PRIMitivemade or done in a way that is not modern
CLAMorloud uproar
adJUNCTsomething added or connected
bankRUPTfinancially ruined
LIBERateset free
LUCidvery clear; easily understood
GRATitudefeeling of being thankful
MIGRatemove from one region to another
polyGAMYhaving more than one spouse at a time
eNUMERatelist things one by one
CRYPTicmysterious; having hidden meaning