Identifying Parts of Speech - Nouns through Adjectives

Adjective Exercise

Read the passage. Determine what part of speech the bold & underlined word is.

Multiplication by Animals

A queen bee (1) lays her eggs at the (2) rate of one (3) each minute. If (4) she could keep this up for a whole year, she would lay a half a million (5) eggs.

A termite queen lays eggs (6) at the rate of one per second. That (7) means she could produce 30 million termites in a year. (8) Supposedly, a termite queen (9) can keep up this (10) colossal output (11) for over thirty (12) years.

If (13) you took all the (14) little snails produced by the Giant (15) African Snail during a three year (16) period and arranged (17) them in a (18) straight line, the first and the (19) last born would be separated by a (20) distance equaling two million trips from the Earth to the Moon.

*Taken from How's This for Size? by R. Houwink