Identifying Parts of Speech - Nouns through Adjectives

Adjective Exercise

Read the passage. Determine what part of speech the bold & underlined word is.

The Overwhelming Universe

The Earth, Just Peanuts

After thinking of atoms and (1) molecules, the Earth certainly seems (2) huge. But, just (3) imagine a (4) tremendous giant from outer space tossing the Earth about the universe. The (5) giant could do (6) it as easily as (7) you throw (8) two peanuts onto the ground.
The Earth is really that (9) small and that (10) light when compared to the universe!

More About the Tiny Earth

Suppose that the (11) weight of a human body, (12) about 150 pounds for an adult, was (13) compared with the mass, or (14) weight, of the whole solar system. The sun, the giant (15) of the solar system, takes up 99% of the (16) total mass. That leaves only 0.2%—about the mass of a pinky—for all the (17) other bodies (18) revolving around it. (19) They are the planets with their satellites, or moons, and the asteroids. The Earth is so tiny and so light that it is like the mass of the (21) nail on a pinky!