Identifying Parts of Speech - Nouns through Adverbs

Adverb Exercise

Read the passage. Determine what part of speech the bold & underlined word is.


Simon was (1) not in the (2) bathing pool as (3) they had expected.
When the other (4) two had trotted down the beach to look back (5) at the mountain he had followed (6) them for a (7) few yards and then stopped. He had stood (8) frowning down at a (9) pile of sand on the beach where (10) somebody had been trying to build a (11) little house or hut. (12) Then he turned his back on (13) this and walked into the forest with an (14) air of purpose. He was a small, skinny boy, his chin pointed, and his eyes (15) so bright they had (16) deceived Ralph into thinking him (17) delightfully gay and (18) wicked. The coarse mop of black hair (19) was long and swung down, (20) almost concealing a (21) low, broad forehead. He wore the (22) remains of shorts (23) and his feet were bare like Jack’s. (24) Always darkish in color, Simon was burned by the sun to a deep tan that glistened with (25) sweat.

From William Golding's The Lord of the Flies.