Identifying Parts of Speech - Nouns through Adverbs #02

Parts of Speech - Exercise

Read the passage. Determine what part of speech the bold & underlined word is.

Turning away from Simon

Ralph (1) parted the screen of grass and looked (2) out. There were only a (3) few more yards of stony ground and then the two sides of the island came almost (4) together so that one expected a peak (5) of headland. But instead of this a (6) narrow ledge of rock, a few yards wide and perhaps fifteen long, continued the island out (7) into the sea. There (8) lay another of (9) those pieces of pink squareness that underlay the structure of the island. This side of the castle, perhaps a (10) hundred feet high, was the pink bastion they had Simon had made a (11) fool of himself, then looked away again at nothing. For a (12) moment or two Simon was happy to be accepted and (13) then he ceased to think about (14) himself. When he (15) bashed into a tree Ralph looked sideways impatiently and Robert sniggered. Simon reeled and a white spot on his forehead turned red and (16) trickled. Ralph dismissed Simon and returned to his (17) personal hell. (18) They would reach the castle (19) some time; and the chief would have to go (20) forward.

--From William Golding's Lord of the Flies