Grammar Review

Multiple Choice Grammar

Choose the best answer for each question.

(1) Nathan slumped down (2) in the middle of the small movie theater. (3) He was having trouble concentrating on the movie. Behind him sat four young boys, (4) and they were (5) constantly chattering and whistling. (6) On his left was a rude man who kept leaving his seat and crossing in front of him to get to the aisle. In a (7) few minutes, the man would return, (8) but then he would spill his popcorn or soda (9) around Nathan as he (10) stumbled back to his seat. In front of Nathan sat a large woman with a (11) feathered hat. On his right, a (12) girl was noisily chewing bubble gum. Boy, was she loud! Nathan (13) was glad that he had already seen the movie three times. However, he was (14) angry about wasting his money. His wished the theater would give his (15) money back to him.