Vocab Unit 2 Flashcards

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adroitskillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind
amicableaudio_icon.giffriendly, neighborly
averseopposed, unwilling; having a deep-seated distaste
belligerentaudio_icon.gifgiven to fighting, warlike; aggressive
benevolentaudio_icon.gifwell-meaning, charitable, kindly
cursoryaudio_icon.gifhasty, not thorough
duplicityaudio_icon.giftreachery, deceitfulness, fraud
extolto praise excessively
feasiblepossible, able to be done
grimacefaical distortion, pained expression
holocausta large-scale destruction, especially by fire
imperviousaudio_icon.gifresistant; not affected or hurt by
impetusaudio_icon.gifimpulse, stimulus, incentive
meticulousaudio_icon.gifextremely careful; particular about details
nostalgiaaudio_icon.gifdesire for something in the past
quintessenceaudio_icon.gifthe most typical example
retrogressto return to an earlier condition
scrutinizeto examine closely
tepidlukewarm; unenthusiastic