Vocab Unit 6


Find the correct word for each definition.

1. to agree or assent; 2. submit or yield to another's wish or opinion; 3. to assume an office
To wave or flourish (a weapon, for example) menacingly
to include; contain
skillful, nimble
deprived of the necessities of life; lacking in
definite, clearly stated
1. to destroy totally; 2. to tear up by the roots
coming at a bad time; not appropriate
contrary to what was expected or intended; sarcastic
stale, moldy; out-of-date
meddling; excessively forward in offering services
unfavorable, threatening, of bad omen
a high peak or point
considered beforehand, deliberately planned
growing without check, running wild
comfort, relief
dignified, majestic
1. bending easily; 2. adaptable; 3. servile
to stop by force, put down
open to or marked by bribery or corruption