Vocab Unit 9 Flashcards

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to set apart or designate for a special purpose; to distributeallocateaudio_icon.gif
very enthusiastic, impassionedardentaudio_icon.gif
persistent, attentive, diligentassiduousaudio_icon.gif
prone to act in a hasty manner; impudentbrashaudio_icon.gif
subject to whims or passing fanciescapriciousaudio_icon.gif
to inflict physical punishment as a means of correction; to scold severelychastiseaudio_icon.gif
abundant; plentiful; wordy, verbosecopiousaudio_icon.gif
(v.) to turn aside; to stray from a normdeviateaudio_icon.gif
(n.) one who departs from a normdeviateaudio_icon.gif
unnaturally thinemaciatedaudio_icon.gif
knotted, twisted, lumpygnarledaudio_icon.gif
a payment for damage or lossindemnityaudio_icon.gif
a hint; a vague notioninklingaudio_icon.gif
clear, transparent; readily understoodlimpidaudio_icon.gif
almighty, having unlimited power or authorityomnipotentaudio_icon.gif
agreeable to the taste or one's sensibilities; suitable for consumptionpalatableaudio_icon.gif
deeply affecting, touching; keen or sharp in taste or smellpoignantaudio_icon.gif
bitter resentment or ill-willrancoraudio_icon.gif
immature and overconfident; conceitedsophomoricaudio_icon.gif
arising naturally; not planned or engineered in advancespontaneousaudio_icon.gif
to rejoice greatlyexultaudio_icon.gif