Vocab Unit 10 Flashcards

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to accept without protest; to agree or submitacquiesceaudio_icon.gif
to entice, temptallureaudio_icon.gif
twisted to one side, crooked; disapprovinglyaskewaudio_icon.gif
1. cheerful, lighthearted; 2. casual, unconcernedblitheaudio_icon.gif
quarrelsome, inclined to arguecontentiousaudio_icon.gif
to desire something belonging to anothercovetaudio_icon.gif
discouraged, dejected, downcastcrestfallenaudio_icon.gif
rumpled, mussed; hanging in disorderdisheveledaudio_icon.gif
one who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interpretsexponentaudio_icon.gif
given to much talking, tediously chattygarrulousaudio_icon.gif
incapable of being overcomeinsuperableaudio_icon.gif
to be regretted or pitiedlamentableaudio_icon.gif
an unsuitable or misleading namemisnomeraudio_icon.gif
to affirm openly; to state belief in; to claim, pretendprofessaudio_icon.gif
a period of relief or restrespiteaudio_icon.gif
1. repayment; 2. deserved punishmentretributionaudio_icon.gif
1. winding, having many curves; 2. lithe and flexiblesinuousaudio_icon.gif
1. full, deep, or rich in sound; 2. impressive in stylesonorousaudio_icon.gif
1. the foremost part of an army; 2. the leading position in any fieldvanguardaudio_icon.gif
a wasteful person; a good-for-nothingwastrelaudio_icon.gif