Vocab Unit 13 Matching


Find the correct definition for each word.
strong dislike
appropriate, suitable; capable of being applied
something of value; property
attack on all sides; harass
sympathy for another's suffering
proper behavior
compulsion by threat; forcible confinement
1. enthusiastic, high spirited; 2. excessive, abundant
an exact copy
to drink; to take in
not able to be satisfied or pacified
tiny, so small that it is almost immeasurable
harmless; insignificant
To have force or influence; bring about an effect or a change
(n.) exclusive rights over an invention; copyright
1. courage, bravery; 2. superior skill or ability
(v.) to administer a tranquilizer; (adj.) quiet, cool and collected
extremely loud
to arrange specifically; to require as a condition of agreement
final, uncompromising demand or set of terms