Vocab Unit 14 Flashcards

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alacrityaudio_icon.gifcheerful readiness, willingness
appallaudio_icon.giffill with dismay or horror
bellicoseaudio_icon.gifwarlike, belligerent
disparageaudio_icon.gifbelittle; undervalue
dissonantaudio_icon.gifharsh in sound; disagreeing
drollaudio_icon.gifamusingly odd
edictaudio_icon.gifcommand; an order issued by someone in authority
elucidateaudio_icon.gifto clarify; explain
lollaudio_icon.gifact in a lazy manner; to lounge
magnanimousaudio_icon.gifgenerous in forgiving
mandatoryaudio_icon.gifrequired, obligatory
nondescriptaudio_icon.gifordinary; not easily classified
phlegmaticaudio_icon.gifshowing little or no emotion
rescindaudio_icon.gifrepeal, cancel
vivaciousaudio_icon.giflively, sprightly, full of energy
whetaudio_icon.gifsharpen; stimulate