Vocab Unit 14 Flashcards

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cheerful readiness, willingnessalacrityaudio_icon.gif
fill with dismay or horrorappallaudio_icon.gif
warlike, belligerentbellicoseaudio_icon.gif
belittle; undervaluedisparageaudio_icon.gif
harsh in sound; disagreeingdissonantaudio_icon.gif
amusingly odddrollaudio_icon.gif
command; an order issued by someone in authorityedictaudio_icon.gif
to clarify; explainelucidateaudio_icon.gif
act in a lazy manner; to loungelollaudio_icon.gif
generous in forgivingmagnanimousaudio_icon.gif
required, obligatorymandatoryaudio_icon.gif
ordinary; not easily classifiednondescriptaudio_icon.gif
showing little or no emotionphlegmaticaudio_icon.gif
repeal, cancelrescindaudio_icon.gif
lively, sprightly, full of energyvivaciousaudio_icon.gif
sharpen; stimulatewhetaudio_icon.gif