Vocab Unit 15 Flashcards

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abrasiveaudio_icon.gifcausing irritation, harsh
acclimateaudio_icon.gifadapt to a new climate
chagrinaudio_icon.gifirritation or humiliation caused by disappointment
complacentaudio_icon.gifoverly content
concuraudio_icon.gifexpress agreement, approve
defamationaudio_icon.gifact of issuing false statements that are meant to ruin a person's reputation
explicateaudio_icon.gifexplain, clarify
fracasaudio_icon.gifnoisy fight
grotesqueaudio_icon.gifunnatural, distorted; bizarre
pandemoniumaudio_icon.gifwild uproar, din
raucousaudio_icon.gifharsh-sounding; disorderly
receptiveaudio_icon.gifopen to ideas or suggestions
renounceaudio_icon.gifgive up voluntarily
repressaudio_icon.gifhold back; put down by force
reticentaudio_icon.gifchoosing not to speak; tight-lipped
savoryaudio_icon.giftasty, appetizing
somnolentaudio_icon.gifsleepy, drowsy
vehementaudio_icon.gifintense or passionate; stronlgy emotional
zealousaudio_icon.gifeager, earnest, devoted