Vocab Unit 15 Flashcards

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causing irritation, harshabrasiveaudio_icon.gif
adapt to a new climateacclimateaudio_icon.gif
irritation or humiliation caused by disappointmentchagrinaudio_icon.gif
overly contentcomplacentaudio_icon.gif
express agreement, approveconcuraudio_icon.gif
act of issuing false statements that are meant to ruin a person's reputationdefamationaudio_icon.gif
explain, clarifyexplicateaudio_icon.gif
noisy fightfracasaudio_icon.gif
unnatural, distorted; bizarregrotesqueaudio_icon.gif
wild uproar, dinpandemoniumaudio_icon.gif
harsh-sounding; disorderlyraucousaudio_icon.gif
open to ideas or suggestionsreceptiveaudio_icon.gif
give up voluntarilyrenounceaudio_icon.gif
hold back; put down by forcerepressaudio_icon.gif
choosing not to speak; tight-lippedreticentaudio_icon.gif
tasty, appetizingsavoryaudio_icon.gif
sleepy, drowsysomnolentaudio_icon.gif
intense or passionate; stronlgy emotionalvehementaudio_icon.gif
eager, earnest, devotedzealousaudio_icon.gif