Vocab Unit 1 - 5 Flashcards

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to corrupt, make worse by the addition of something of lesser valueadulterateaudio_icon.gif
1. able to use both hands equally well; 2. very skillful; 3. hypocriticalambidextrousaudio_icon.gif
to make larger, increaseaugmentaudio_icon.gif
1. deprived of; made unhappy through a lossbereftaudio_icon.gif
1. to position or arrange; 2. to utilizedeployaudio_icon.gif
stern, unyielding, gloomy, ill-humoreddouraudio_icon.gif
courage in facing difficultiesfortitudeaudio_icon.gif
to stare with open mouth; to open widegapeaudio_icon.gif
(v.) to utter taunting words; (n.) an expression of scorngibeaudio_icon.gif
an external appearance, cover, maskguiseaudio_icon.gif
intended to deceive or entrap; sly, treacherousinsidiousaudio_icon.gif
a hint, indirect suggestionintimationaudio_icon.gif
wealthy, luxurious; ample; grandioseopulentaudio_icon.gif
1. easily bent, flexible; 2. easily influencedpliableaudio_icon.gif
to say again, repeatreiterateaudio_icon.gif
not easily moved mentally or emotionally; dull, unresponsivestolidaudio_icon.gif
experimental in nature; uncertain, hesitanttentativeaudio_icon.gif
1. not combed; untidy; 2. rude, unpolishedunkemptaudio_icon.gif
word for word; exactly as written or spokenverbatimaudio_icon.gif
cautiously, with great care.warilyaudio_icon.gif
skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mindadroit
friendly, neighborlyamicableaudio_icon.gif
opposed, unwilling; having a deep-seated distasteaverse
given to fighting, warlike; aggressivebelligerentaudio_icon.gif
well-meaning, charitable, kindlybenevolentaudio_icon.gif
hasty, not thoroughcursoryaudio_icon.gif
treachery, deceitfulness, fraudduplicityaudio_icon.gif
to praise excessivelyextol
possible, able to be donefeasible
faical distortion, pained expressiongrimace
a large-scale destruction, especially by fireholocaust
resistant; not affected or hurt byimperviousaudio_icon.gif
impulse, stimulus, incentiveimpetusaudio_icon.gif
extremely careful; particular about detailsmeticulousaudio_icon.gif
desire for something in the pastnostalgiaaudio_icon.gif
the most typical examplequintessenceaudio_icon.gif
to return to an earlier conditionretrogress
to examine closelyscrutinize
lukewarm; unenthusiastictepid
an enemy, opponentadversaryaudio_icon.gif
to turn away; to make indifferent or hostilealienate
1. a skillful or ingenious device; 2. clever trick; 3. clever skillartificeaudio_icon.gif
to compel, forcecoerceaudio_icon.gif
1. (adj.) cowardly; 2. (n). cowardcraven
of or related to cooking or the kitchenculinaryaudio_icon.gif
to erase, wipe outdelete
a death, especially of a person in a high positiondemise
to enliven, cheer, give spirit or liveliness toexhilarateaudio_icon.gif
1. plowed but not seeded; 2. inactive; 3. reddish-yellowfallow (adj.)audio_icon.gif
1. to disturb, worry; 2. to trouble by repeated attacksharass
1. stormy, harsh; 2. severe in attitude or actioninclementaudio_icon.gif
to think about in a dreamy way, pondermuse
so unimportant that it can be disregardednegligibleaudio_icon.gif
to make permanent or long lastingperpetuateaudio_icon.gif
an example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later actionprecedentaudio_icon.gif
infliclicting or aiming at punishmentpunitive
1. (v.) to set right, remedy; 2. (n.) relief from wrong or injuryredress
1. (n.) a temporary stay; 2. (v.) to stay for a timesojournaudio_icon.gif
refined in manner or style, suaveurbane
associated, connectedaffiliatedaudio_icon.gif
to find outascertainaudio_icon.gif
an accomplishment, the act of achievingattainmentaudio_icon.gif
to give or pass on as an inheritancebequeathaudio_icon.gif
relevant, to the point; convincingcogentaudio_icon.gif
move toward one pointconvergeaudio_icon.gif
to scatter, spread far and widedisperseaudio_icon.gif
to regard highlyesteemaudio_icon.gif
to erase, obliterate, destroyexpungeaudio_icon.gif
1. having limits; 2. lasting for a limited time.finiteaudio_icon.gif
1. not able to be wounded or hurt; 2. shielded against attackinvulnerableaudio_icon.gif
spiteful, showing ill willmalevolentaudio_icon.gif
cool and confident, unconcernednonchalantaudio_icon.gif
knowing everything; having unlimited awareness or understandingomniscientaudio_icon.gif
a remedy for all ills; cure allpanaceaaudio_icon.gif
1. exact, careful, meticulous; 2. having high moral standards, principledscrupulousaudio_icon.gif
1. to move about stealthily; 2. to lie in hidingskulkaudio_icon.gif
1. proud and contemptuous; 2. showing scorn because of a feeling of superioritysuperciliousaudio_icon.gif
strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanationuncannyaudio_icon.gif
easily excused; pardonablevenialaudio_icon.gif
unselfish, concerned with the welfare of othersaltruisticaudio_icon.gif
1. (v.) to express agreement; 2. (n.) agreementassentaudio_icon.gif
one who does good to othersbenefactoraudio_icon.gif
marked by honor, courtesy, and couragechivalrousaudio_icon.gif
mercy, humanenessclemencyaudio_icon.gif
a lack, scarcity, inadequate supplydearthaudio_icon.gif
shy, lacking self-confidencediffidentaudio_icon.gif
1. a difference; 2. lack of agreementdiscrepancyaudio_icon.gif
1. to make a start; 2. to go aboardembarkaudio_icon.gif
1. easily done or attained, effortless; 2. fluent; 3. superficialfacileaudio_icon.gif
unconquerable, unbeatableindomitableaudio_icon.gif
free from error, perfectinfallibleaudio_icon.gif
to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowlyplod
causing a sharp sensation; stinging, bitingpungentaudio_icon.gif
neglectful in performance of one's duty, carelessremissaudio_icon.gif
1. (v.) to rest; 2. (n.) relaxation, peace of mindreposeaudio_icon.gif
boldness, rashnesstemerityaudio_icon.gif
fierce and cruel; aggressivetruculentaudio_icon.gif
sincere, real, without pretenseunfeignedaudio_icon.gif
1. extremely infectious, malignant, or poisonous; 2. hateful, spitefulvirulentaudio_icon.gif