Units 1 - 3 Vocabulary Review Flashcards

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scrutinizedstudy, inspect; to examine closely
tentativeuncertain, inconclusive; provisional
feasibleworkable, possible
deleteomit, expunge
insidioussneaky, sly, underhanded
reiteraterepeat, restate
opulentluxurious, wealthy
meticulouspainstaking, extremely thorough
inclementharsh, blustery, stormy
stolidunemotional, unresponsive
augmentincrease, make larger
grimacepained look, facial distortion
exhilaratingcheer, excite
redressremedy, rectify
fortitudecourage, steadfastness
alienatesnub, turn away, estrange
culinaryrelated to cooking
precedentexample, model
impetusstimulus, impulse
warilycautiously, carefully, prudently
ambidextrousskillful with both hands
verbatimword for word
benevolentkindly, charitable
adulterateimpure, corrupt
pliableadaptable, flexible, supple
holocaustwildfire, large scale destruction
perpetuatecontinue, prolong
nostalgialonging; homesickness
guisemask, semblance
deployposition, station, organize
adroitskillful, clever
harasspester, annoy, disturb
punitivepunishing, retaliatory
extolpraise, glorify
fallowunproductive, dormant
intimationhint, clue, indication
quintessenceessence, exemplar
sojournstay, visit, stopover
dourgloomy, bleak
averseopposed, disinclined
urbanesuave, elegant
cursoryhasty, not thorough
gapestare with open mouth
retrogressrevert, move backwards
musethink, daydream, contemplate
adversaryopponent, rival, foe
coerceforce, compel
negligibleunimportant, trivial
jeopardydanger, risk
belligerenthostile, warlike, pugnacious
bereftlacking, deprived of
tepidlukewarm, unenthusiastic
demisedeath, passing away
gibeinsult, ridicule, mock
duplicitydishonesty, fraud, double-dealing
imperviousunaffected, impenatrable