Units 1 - 3 Vocabulary Review Flashcards

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study, inspect; to examine closelyscrutinized
uncertain, inconclusive; provisionaltentative
workable, possiblefeasible
omit, expungedelete
sneaky, sly, underhandedinsidious
repeat, restatereiterate
luxurious, wealthyopulent
painstaking, extremely thoroughmeticulous
harsh, blustery, stormyinclement
unemotional, unresponsivestolid
increase, make largeraugment
pained look, facial distortiongrimace
cheer, exciteexhilarating
remedy, rectifyredress
courage, steadfastnessfortitude
snub, turn away, estrangealienate
related to cookingculinary
example, modelprecedent
stimulus, impulseimpetus
cautiously, carefully, prudentlywarily
skillful with both handsambidextrous
word for wordverbatim
kindly, charitablebenevolent
impure, corruptadulterate
adaptable, flexible, supplepliable
wildfire, large scale destructionholocaust
continue, prolongperpetuate
longing; homesicknessnostalgia
mask, semblanceguise
position, station, organizedeploy
skillful, cleveradroit
pester, annoy, disturbharass
punishing, retaliatorypunitive
praise, glorifyextol
unproductive, dormantfallow
hint, clue, indicationintimation
essence, exemplarquintessence
stay, visit, stopoversojourn
gloomy, bleakdour
opposed, disinclinedaverse
suave, eleganturbane
hasty, not thoroughcursory
stare with open mouthgape
revert, move backwardsretrogress
think, daydream, contemplatemuse
opponent, rival, foeadversary
force, compelcoerce
unimportant, trivialnegligible
danger, riskjeopardy
hostile, warlike, pugnaciousbelligerent
lacking, deprived ofbereft
lukewarm, unenthusiastictepid
death, passing awaydemise
insult, ridicule, mockgibe
dishonesty, fraud, double-dealingduplicity
unaffected, impenatrableimpervious