Vocab Unit 1 Flashcards

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acquisitiveaudio_icon.gifeager to gain possessions or ideas
arrogateaudio_icon.gifto take or claim without right
banalaudio_icon.giflacking originality and freshness
belaboraudio_icon.gifexplain or discuss more than necessary
coherentaudio_icon.gifmeaningful, logical
congealaudio_icon.gifharden, thicken
emulateaudio_icon.gifto imitate, with hopes to equal or to outdo
encomiumaudio_icon.gifexpression of praise
insatiableaudio_icon.gifimpossible to satisfy
largesseaudio_icon.gifgenerous gift or donation
reconnaissanceaudio_icon.gifinspection of an area, mostly to gather military information
substantiateaudio_icon.gifsupport with evidence
taciturnaudio_icon.gifnot talkative
temporizeaudio_icon.gifdelay, stall
tenableaudio_icon.gifable to be defended