Vocab Unit 1 Flashcards

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eager to gain possessions or ideasacquisitiveaudio_icon.gif
to take or claim without rightarrogateaudio_icon.gif
lacking originality and freshnessbanalaudio_icon.gif
explain or discuss more than necessarybelaboraudio_icon.gif
meaningful, logicalcoherentaudio_icon.gif
harden, thickencongealaudio_icon.gif
to imitate, with hopes to equal or to outdoemulateaudio_icon.gif
expression of praiseencomiumaudio_icon.gif
impossible to satisfyinsatiableaudio_icon.gif
generous gift or donationlargesseaudio_icon.gif
inspection of an area, mostly to gather military informationreconnaissanceaudio_icon.gif
support with evidencesubstantiateaudio_icon.gif
not talkativetaciturnaudio_icon.gif
delay, stalltemporizeaudio_icon.gif
able to be defendedtenableaudio_icon.gif