Vocab Unit 2 Flashcards

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accostaudio_icon.gifto approach and speak to someone with a demand or a request
animadversionaudio_icon.gifharsh criticism
brackishaudio_icon.gifslightly salty water; unpleasant to drink; mixture of sea water and fresh water
deviousaudio_icon.gifmisleading, tricky; not honest
gambitaudio_icon.gifan opening move or remark where one gives up something small with the hopes of gaining an upper hand
halcyonaudio_icon.gifcalm and peaceful
histrionicaudio_icon.gifexcessively dramatic or emotional
incendiaryaudio_icon.gifcausing fires or conflict
maelstromaudio_icon.gif1. large and violent whirlpool; 2. any violent or disorderly situation; chaos
overtaudio_icon.gifnot secret
proprietyaudio_icon.gifcorrect or appropriate behavior
sacrilegeaudio_icon.gifdisrespectful treatment of something regarded as sacred
talismanaudio_icon.gifany object thought to have magical or protective powers
undulateaudio_icon.gifmake something move in a wavelike motion