Vocab Unit 2 Flashcards

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to approach and speak to someone with a demand or a requestaccostaudio_icon.gif
harsh criticismanimadversionaudio_icon.gif
slightly salty water; unpleasant to drink; mixture of sea water and fresh waterbrackishaudio_icon.gif
misleading, tricky; not honestdeviousaudio_icon.gif
an opening move or remark where one gives up something small with the hopes of gaining an upper handgambitaudio_icon.gif
calm and peacefulhalcyonaudio_icon.gif
excessively dramatic or emotionalhistrionicaudio_icon.gif
causing fires or conflictincendiaryaudio_icon.gif
1. large and violent whirlpool; 2. any violent or disorderly situation; chaosmaelstromaudio_icon.gif
not secretovertaudio_icon.gif
correct or appropriate behaviorproprietyaudio_icon.gif
disrespectful treatment of something regarded as sacredsacrilegeaudio_icon.gif
any object thought to have magical or protective powerstalismanaudio_icon.gif
make something move in a wavelike motionundulateaudio_icon.gif