Vocab Unit 3 Flashcards

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articulateaudio_icon.gifspeak clearly
cavortaudio_icon.gifmove about carelessly and playfully
credenceaudio_icon.gifbelievability; belief
decryaudio_icon.gifto speak out against
dissembleaudio_icon.gifto disguise or hide the truth
distraughtaudio_icon.gifextremely sad or worried
eulogyaudio_icon.gifa speech to honor a dead person
evinceaudio_icon.gifto show clearly
exhumeaudio_icon.gifremove from a grave
fecklessaudio_icon.gifuseless; weak
murkyaudio_icon.gifdark, gloomy; foggy
nefariousaudio_icon.gifextremely evil; wicked
piquantaudio_icon.gifpleasantly spicy; attractive
primordialaudio_icon.gifhaving existed from the beginning; original; earliest
propinquityaudio_icon.gifnearness, similarity
utopianaudio_icon.gifimpossible wish for things to be perfect
verdantaudio_icon.gifgreen; fresh
viscousaudio_icon.gifthick and sticky