Vocab Unit 3 Flashcards

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speak clearlyarticulateaudio_icon.gif
move about carelessly and playfullycavortaudio_icon.gif
believability; beliefcredenceaudio_icon.gif
to speak out againstdecryaudio_icon.gif
to disguise or hide the truthdissembleaudio_icon.gif
extremely sad or worrieddistraughtaudio_icon.gif
a speech to honor a dead personeulogyaudio_icon.gif
to show clearlyevinceaudio_icon.gif
remove from a graveexhumeaudio_icon.gif
useless; weakfecklessaudio_icon.gif
dark, gloomy; foggymurkyaudio_icon.gif
extremely evil; wickednefariousaudio_icon.gif
pleasantly spicy; attractivepiquantaudio_icon.gif
having existed from the beginning; original; earliestprimordialaudio_icon.gif
nearness, similaritypropinquityaudio_icon.gif
impossible wish for things to be perfectutopianaudio_icon.gif
green; freshverdantaudio_icon.gif
thick and stickyviscousaudio_icon.gif