Vocab Unit 4 Flashcards

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atrophyaudio_icon.gifwasting away (especially of a body part)
bastionaudio_icon.gifplace that provides safety and protection
concordaudio_icon.gifagreement; harmony
disarrayaudio_icon.gifdisorder; confusion
exigencyaudio_icon.gifurgency; emergency
flotsamaudio_icon.gif1. floating debris; 2. useless or unimportant items
freneticaudio_icon.gifwildly excited or active
gleanaudio_icon.gifto learn or discover little by little
incarcerateaudio_icon.gifput into jail
incumbentaudio_icon.gif1. required; 2. official who holds an office
jocularaudio_icon.gifhumorous, joking
ludicrousaudio_icon.gifridiculous; idiotic; absurd
mordantaudio_icon.gifsarcastic; biting; bitterly harsh
nettleaudio_icon.gif1. stinging plant; 2. irritate
pecuniaryaudio_icon.gifrelating to money
stratagemaudio_icon.giftrick or plan for deceiving