Vocab Unit 5 Flashcards

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acuityaudio_icon.gifsharpness, clearness (esp. of mind or vision)
delineateaudio_icon.gifto describe or outline
depravedaudio_icon.gifwicked; morally corrupt
esotericaudio_icon.gifunderstood only by a chosen few
fecundaudio_icon.gifextremely productive; fertile
fiataudio_icon.gifcommand; order
figmentaudio_icon.gifsomething made up; fictitious
garneraudio_icon.gifto get; gather; collect
hallowaudio_icon.gifto make holy; to bless
idiosyncrasyaudio_icon.gifunique behavior or characteristic
ignominyaudio_icon.gifgreat shame, disgrace, humiliation
mundaneaudio_icon.gifordinary, commonplace, banal
nuanceaudio_icon.gifbarely noticeable difference; shade; hard-to-grasp detail
overweeningaudio_icon.gifoverconfident; arrogant
penchantaudio_icon.gifstrong liking; taste
reputedaudio_icon.gifwidely believed; reported
sophistryaudio_icon.gifreasoning that seems believable but is actually misleading
sumptuousaudio_icon.gifexpensive; magnficent
ubiquitousaudio_icon.gifexisting everywhere