Vocab Unit 5 Flashcards

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sharpness, clearness (esp. of mind or vision)acuityaudio_icon.gif
to describe or outlinedelineateaudio_icon.gif
wicked; morally corruptdepravedaudio_icon.gif
understood only by a chosen fewesotericaudio_icon.gif
extremely productive; fertilefecundaudio_icon.gif
command; orderfiataudio_icon.gif
something made up; fictitiousfigmentaudio_icon.gif
to get; gather; collectgarneraudio_icon.gif
to make holy; to blesshallowaudio_icon.gif
unique behavior or characteristicidiosyncrasyaudio_icon.gif
great shame, disgrace, humiliationignominyaudio_icon.gif
ordinary, commonplace, banalmundaneaudio_icon.gif
barely noticeable difference; shade; hard-to-grasp detailnuanceaudio_icon.gif
overconfident; arrogantoverweeningaudio_icon.gif
strong liking; tastepenchantaudio_icon.gif
widely believed; reportedreputedaudio_icon.gif
reasoning that seems believable but is actually misleadingsophistryaudio_icon.gif
expensive; magnficentsumptuousaudio_icon.gif
existing everywhereubiquitousaudio_icon.gif