Vocab Unit 6 Flashcards

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abjectaudio_icon.gifmiserable and hopeless
agnosticaudio_icon.gifdoubter, especially about the existence of a god
complicityaudio_icon.gifinvolvement in wrongdoing
derelictaudio_icon.gifdeserted, neglected
diatribeaudio_icon.gifa long, abusive verbal attack
effigyaudio_icon.gifimage or representation of a person
equityaudio_icon.gif1. money value of a property;
2. fairness
inaneaudio_icon.gifsenseless, silly
indictmentaudio_icon.gifaccusing or charging with a crime
indubitableaudio_icon.gifunquestionable; cannot be doubted
intermittentaudio_icon.gifstopping and starting again; periodic
mootaudio_icon.gifhaving no real importance; pointless to continue to discuss
motifaudio_icon.gifrepeated central idea or theme
perspicacityaudio_icon.gifability to understand clearly; insight
plenaryaudio_icon.giffull; complete
surveillanceaudio_icon.gifclose observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicion
sylvanaudio_icon.gifcharacteristics of woods; forest-like
testyaudio_icon.gifeasily annoyed
travestyaudio_icon.giffalse or exaggerated representation of something; mockery