Vocab Unit 6 Flashcards

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miserable and hopelessabjectaudio_icon.gif
doubter, especially about the existence of a godagnosticaudio_icon.gif
involvement in wrongdoingcomplicityaudio_icon.gif
deserted, neglectedderelictaudio_icon.gif
a long, abusive verbal attackdiatribeaudio_icon.gif
image or representation of a person effigyaudio_icon.gif
1. money value of a property;
2. fairness
senseless, sillyinaneaudio_icon.gif
accusing or charging with a crimeindictmentaudio_icon.gif
unquestionable; cannot be doubtedindubitableaudio_icon.gif
stopping and starting again; periodicintermittentaudio_icon.gif
having no real importance; pointless to continue to discussmootaudio_icon.gif
repeated central idea or thememotifaudio_icon.gif
ability to understand clearly; insightperspicacityaudio_icon.gif
full; completeplenaryaudio_icon.gif
close observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicionsurveillanceaudio_icon.gif
characteristics of woods; forest-likesylvanaudio_icon.gif
easily annoyedtestyaudio_icon.gif
false or exaggerated representation of something; mockerytravestyaudio_icon.gif