Vocab Units 7- 9


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relieve, calm
beastlike, brutal
sociable, festive
exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
one that closely resembles another
object; oppose
shameless boldness; nerve
add details to, exaggerate
lasting a very short time, short-lived
having happiness or good luck; appropriate
secretive, sneaky, done to escape notice
tastelessly showy; so colorful as to be in bad taste
misleading; deceptive; causing illusion
extremely poor
excessive; too much
get rid of something unwanted; throw away
unwilling to give up; stubborn
of small value or importance; trivial
claim without proof
complete, utter, downright
playful conversation; discussion with a lot of jokes
make calm; win over
command to cancel a previous order or command
level or rank
to make worse
very stupid; unreal
impossible to deny or prove wrong
large, unstoppable force or power that crushes whatever is in its way
showing no interest or enthusiasm
long list of things that someone talks about
gruesome or frightening, usually involving death
lack; few in number
predict or foreshadow; give warning of
demolish; destroy to the ground
take back a statement made earlier
soak, fill, or load to capacity
to shed, get rid of (esp. skin)