Vocab Unit 7 Flashcards

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allayaudio_icon.gifrelieve, calm
bestialaudio_icon.gifbeastlike, brutal
convivialaudio_icon.gifsociable, festive
coterieaudio_icon.gifexclusive circle of people with a common purpose
counterpartaudio_icon.gifone that closely resembles another
demuraudio_icon.gifobject; oppose
effronteryaudio_icon.gifshameless boldness; nerve
embellishaudio_icon.gifadd details to, exaggerate
ephemeralaudio_icon.giflasting a very short time, short-lived
felicitousaudio_icon.gifhaving happiness or good luck; appropriate
furtiveaudio_icon.gifsecretive, sneaky, done to escape notice
garishaudio_icon.giftastelessly showy; so colorful as to be in bad taste
illusoryaudio_icon.gifmisleading; deceptive; causing illusion
indigentaudio_icon.gifextremely poor
inordinateaudio_icon.gifexcessive; too much
jettisonaudio_icon.gifget rid of something unwanted; throw away
pertinaciousaudio_icon.gifunwilling to give up; stubborn
picayuneaudio_icon.gifof small value or importance; trivial