Vocab Unit 7 Flashcards

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relieve, calmallayaudio_icon.gif
beastlike, brutalbestialaudio_icon.gif
sociable, festiveconvivialaudio_icon.gif
exclusive circle of people with a common purposecoterieaudio_icon.gif
one that closely resembles anothercounterpartaudio_icon.gif
object; opposedemuraudio_icon.gif
shameless boldness; nerveeffronteryaudio_icon.gif
add details to, exaggerateembellishaudio_icon.gif
lasting a very short time, short-livedephemeralaudio_icon.gif
having happiness or good luck; appropriatefelicitousaudio_icon.gif
secretive, sneaky, done to escape noticefurtiveaudio_icon.gif
tastelessly showy; so colorful as to be in bad tastegarishaudio_icon.gif
misleading; deceptive; causing illusionillusoryaudio_icon.gif
extremely poorindigentaudio_icon.gif
excessive; too muchinordinateaudio_icon.gif
get rid of something unwanted; throw awayjettisonaudio_icon.gif
unwilling to give up; stubbornpertinaciousaudio_icon.gif
of small value or importance; trivialpicayuneaudio_icon.gif