Vocab Unit 8 Flashcards

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allegeaudio_icon.gifclaim without proof
arrantaudio_icon.gifcomplete, utter, downright
badinageaudio_icon.gifplayful conversation; discussion with a lot of jokes
conciliateaudio_icon.gifmake calm; win over
countermandaudio_icon.gifcommand to cancel a previous order or command
echelonaudio_icon.giflevel or rank
exacerbateaudio_icon.gifto make worse
fatuousaudio_icon.gifvery stupid; unreal
irrefutableaudio_icon.gifimpossible to deny or prove wrong
juggernautaudio_icon.giflarge, unstoppable force or power that crushes whatever is in its way
lackadaisicalaudio_icon.gifshowing no interest or enthusiasm
litanyaudio_icon.giflong list of things that someone talks about
macabreaudio_icon.gifgruesome or frightening, usually involving death
paucityaudio_icon.giflack; few in number
portendaudio_icon.gifpredict or foreshadow; give warning of
razeaudio_icon.gifdemolish; destroy to the ground
recantaudio_icon.giftake back a statement made earlier
saturateaudio_icon.gifsoak, fill, or load to capacity
sloughaudio_icon.gifto shed, get rid of (esp. skin)
saturnineaudio_icon.gifgloomy, bitter, and overly serious