Vocab Unit 9 Flashcards

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acclamationaudio_icon.gifshout of enthusiastic approval by many people
bucolicaudio_icon.gifrelating to rural life
calumniateaudio_icon.gifslander; make hurtful untrue comments
charyaudio_icon.gifcareful; afraid of risks
collusionaudio_icon.gifconspiracy; secret agreement for illegal purpose
dilettanteaudio_icon.gifamateur; someone who is interested in something but doesn't know very much
imperturbableaudio_icon.gifnot easily upset
incrementaudio_icon.gifamount of increase
mandateaudio_icon.gifan order; command
paltryaudio_icon.gifridiculously small
paroxysmaudio_icon.gifsudden outburst
pedantryaudio_icon.gifoverly ambitious display of knowledge; excessive attention to details or rules
peregrinationaudio_icon.giftraveling, esp. by foot
redolentaudio_icon.gif1. smelling; 2. reminding you of something
refulgentaudio_icon.gifshining brightly
shibbolethaudio_icon.gifa word used to test to membership to a certain group; slogan
unremittingaudio_icon.gifnever stopping
vacillateaudio_icon.gifwaver; sway back and forth (often in decision)
vituperativeaudio_icon.gifcontaining harsh, angry, abusive criticism