Vocab Unit 9 Flashcards

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shout of enthusiastic approval by many peopleacclamationaudio_icon.gif
relating to rural lifebucolicaudio_icon.gif
slander; make hurtful untrue commentscalumniateaudio_icon.gif
careful; afraid of riskscharyaudio_icon.gif
conspiracy; secret agreement for illegal purposecollusionaudio_icon.gif
amateur; someone who is interested in something but doesn't know very muchdilettanteaudio_icon.gif
not easily upsetimperturbableaudio_icon.gif
amount of increaseincrementaudio_icon.gif
an order; commandmandateaudio_icon.gif
ridiculously smallpaltryaudio_icon.gif
sudden outburstparoxysmaudio_icon.gif
overly ambitious display of knowledge; excessive attention to details or rulespedantryaudio_icon.gif
traveling, esp. by footperegrinationaudio_icon.gif
1. smelling; 2. reminding you of somethingredolentaudio_icon.gif
shining brightlyrefulgentaudio_icon.gif
a word used to test to membership to a certain group; sloganshibbolethaudio_icon.gif
never stoppingunremittingaudio_icon.gif
waver; sway back and forth (often in decision)vacillateaudio_icon.gif
containing harsh, angry, abusive criticismvituperativeaudio_icon.gif