Parts of Speech Quiz

Identify the part of speech for each of the underlined words in the reading.

From "The Boy whose Identity went Missing"

Marcus (1) woke up in a sweat. “(2) Who would play (3) me if they made a movie of my (4) life?” Of course, no one (5) was going to make a movie of his life, at least not yet. But Marcus was (6) totally sure that someday someone would make an (7) epic film about his life. Marcus (8) always thought that the (9) brilliant actor, Bill Pratt, would play (10) him. Since the (11) age of nine, Marcus thought Pratt had (12) everything that would bring out Marcus’s (13) best qualities. He was sure never to miss any of Pratt’s films.

The (14) problem, however, is that Pratt has (15) recently been playing a (16) lousy character in a science-fiction romantic (17) comedy, The Intergalactic Lover. It was upsetting enough when Pratt (18) started this series, but despite poor box office returns, he has (19) mistakenly chosen to act in part four of this series. And in the new movie, he (20) falls in love with a (21) five-legged woman from Jupiter. They fall madly in love, but as they (22) enter Pratt’s (23) shiny red space cruiser, the Jupiterian’s jealous lover from Xeron enters the scene. Marcus walked out of the theater at that point. (24) No longer could this (25) hack of an actor play such an important role as Marcus’s character in his biopic.

This (26) left Marcus in a dilemma. He didn’t know (27) how to act once he got out of bed. For the last eight years (28) every action he performed was made with the thought of how would Pratt be able to replicate the (29) behavior on screen. Now (30) what did he have?