Parts of Speech Quiz

Identify the part of speech for each of the underlined words in the reading.

Selection from The Phantom Tollbooth

The only (1) trouble was that Milo had (2) never heard of any (3) of the places (4) it indicated, and even the names sounded (5) most peculiar.

(6) I don’t think there really (7) is such a (8) country,” (9) he concluded after studying it (10) carefully. “(11) Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.” And he closed his (12) eyes and poked a finger (13) at the map.

(14) Dictionopolis,” read Milo (15) slowly when he saw what his finger had chosen. “(16) Oh, well, I might as well go there as anywhere.”

He walked (17) across the room (18) and dusted the car off carefully. Then, taking the map and rule book (19) with him he (20) hopped in and, for lack of anything better to do, drove slowly (21) up to the tollbooth. (22) As he deposited his coin and rolled past he remarked wistfully, “I do hope this is an (23) interesting game, otherwise the (24) afternoon will be so (25) terribly dull.”