Parts of Speech Quiz

Parts of Speech Quiz

Identify the part of speech for each of the underlined words in the reading.

From "Killers in Pajamas"

Sometimes (1) people toss and turn (2) in their sleep. Sometimes (3) they fall out (4) of bed. But is it possible for a person (5) to get up, drive (6) to another location, (7) and commit a crime (8) while remaining sound asleep? (9) Well, according to Ken Parks, the answer (10) is yes.

In 1987, Parks was living in Ontario, Canada. The (11) 23-year-old man needed money; he had (12) no job and his gambling debts were piling up. Still, his life had its bright spots. His wife had (13) recently given birth to a baby daughter. And he enjoyed a (14) particularly good relationship with his in-laws. His mother-in-law (15) referred to him lovingly as a “gentle giant.”

Early on the morning of May 14, Parks got (16) out of bed. He (17) slipped into his car and drove the 15 miles to his in-laws’ house. After entering the house, (18) he attacked the couple with a kitchen knife. He (19) badly wounded his father-in-law (20) and stabbed his mother-in-law to death. Afterwards, Parks drove to the police station and turned himself in, murmuring, “(21) Uh, I think I have killed (22) some people. . . .”