Parts of Speech - Exercise

Read the passage. Determine what part of speech the bold & underlined word is.


“If (1) you could have (2) any animal out of the zoo, which one would you like to take home?” Ben (3) suddenly asked.

“The python.” Tom spoke (4) without hesitation.

“Gross,” said Lindy. “I’d (5) have a penguin. What would you have, Ben?”

“Mm, I (6) dunno.” Ben thought about (7) it as he sipped his (8) hot chocolate. “I’d like something (9) unusual. An orangutan, perhaps. (10) Or an anteater. Maybe a gorilla.”

“You’ll excuse my butting in,” said a voice (11) immediately behind the children. “But if you’re looking for something (12) really unusual, have you ever considered a (13) Whangdoodle?”

Sitting (14) on the grass behind them, knees drawn up almost (15) to his chin, (16) was a small man. He was holding a (17) rolled umbrella made (18) of clear plastic.

“I beg your (19) pardon, sir,” Ben said, “did you say (20) something?”

“Yes, I did. I said, have you (21) ever considered a Whangdoodle?”

**From The Las of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Edwards