Vocab Unit 1 Flashcards

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1. to scold mildly; 2. to advise against somethingadmonish
1. (n). rift, opening, gap, rupture; 2. (v.) to create an openingbreach
a bandit, robber, outlaw, highwaymanbrigand
careful, cautiouscircumspect
to seize for military or official usecommandeer
hard to handle, unwieldycumbersome
a standstill, standoff, stalematedeadlock
scattered fragments, wreckagedebris
to spread or scatter freely or widely, dispersediffuse (v.)
wordy, longwinded, unfocused, verbosediffuse (adj.)
a difficult or perplexing situation or problemdilemma
1. to wipe out; 2. to keep oneself from being noticedefface
1. (v.) to make a mess of; 2. (n.) a hopeless messmuddle
stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's own ideas, having a closed mindopinionated
lasting for a long time, persistentperennial
make susceptible to, to incline to beforehandpredispose
to let go, give uprelinquish
to save from fire or shipwrecksalvage
sudden and violent but briefspasmodic
not genuine, not true, not validspurious
uncontrolled, lacking in restraintunbridled