Vocab Unit 4 Flashcards

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to run off and hideabscond
1. approach or admittance to places, persons, things; 2. an increaseaccess (n.)
to get at, obtainaccess (v.)
1. a lack of government and law; 2. confusionanarchy
hard to do, requiring much effortarduous
favorable, fortunateauspicious
favoring one side unduly, prejudicedbiased
1. to overcome with fear, intimidate; 2. to dishearten, discouragedaunt
to free from tangles or complicationsdisentangle
to mislead by a trick, deceivehoodwink
1. not having life; 2. without energy or spiritinanimate
to burn to ashesincinerate
very brave, fearless, unshakableintrepid
1. bending readily; 2. easily influencedpliant
1. overly self-important in speech and manner; 2. excessively stately or ceremoniouspompous
1. a very steep cliff; 2. the brink or edge of disasterprecipice
to make right, correctrectify
determined in advance by destiny or fortunefated
a temporary relief or delayreprieve (n.)
to grant a postponementreprieve (v.)
to attack with words, call bad namesrevile