Vocab Unit 6 Flashcards

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to make up foratone
1. slavery; 2. any state of being bound or held downbondage
to pay fordefray
hardworking, industrious, not lazydiligent
sad, drearydoleful
1. frightful, horrible; 2. deathly paleghastly
to hold backhamper
1. to shape or cut down with an ax; 2. to hold tohew
1. poor, in a state of poverty; 2. depletedimpoverished
never stopping, going on all the timeincessant
complicated, difficult to understandintricate
1. easy to understand, clear; 2. rational, sanelucid
occurring or published after deathposthumous
1. overly neat, precise, proper, or formal; 2. prudishprim
grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcasticsardonic
exceeding what is sufficient or required, excesssuperfluous
to take the place of, supersedesupplant
to jeer at, mocktaunt (v.)
an insulting or mocking remarktaunt (n.)
1. holding fast; 2. holding together firmly; 3. persistenttenacious