Vocab Unit 7 Matching


Find the correct word for each definition.

a farewell
1. an arrival; 2. a coming into place or view
the highest point, tip
1. to absorb fully or make one's own; 2. to adopt as one's own; 3. to adapt fully
false, counterfeit
1. unreasonably high; 2. excessive
the time between
temporary, coming between two points in time
1. to flood, overflow; 2. to overwhelm by numbers or size
to speak evil of, slander
to wander about, wind about
a sharp turn or twist
1. a large city; 2. the chief city of an area
very important
noisy, unruly, disorderly
thoughtful, melancholy
1. of poor quality; 2. characterized by inferior workmanship
lively, full of life, spicy, flavorful
angry and bad-tempered, rude
a long, angry speech, usually very critical
an idle wanderer, tramp
wandering aimlessly