Vocab Unit 8 Flashcards

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assurance1. a pledge; 2. freedom from doubt, self-confidence
asylum1. an institution for the care of children, elderly people; 2. a place of safety
console (v.)to comfort
console (n.)a control panel for an electrical or mechanical device
dilateto become larger or wider, to expand upon
drossrefuse, waste products
dwindleto lessen, diminish
flippantlacking in seriousness, disrespectful, saucy
immunity1. resistance to disease; 2. freedom from some charge or obligation
institute (v.)to establish, set up
institute (n.)an organization for the promotion of learning
liability1. a debt; 2. something disadvantageous
preposterousridiculous, senseless
pugnaciousquarrelsome, fond of fighting
rabid1. furious, violently intense, unreasonably extreme; 2. mad, infected with rabies
realm1. a kingdom; 2. a region or field of study
rejuvenate1. to make young again; 2. to make like new
remunerateto reward, pay, reimburse
sparsemeager, scant
sterling1. genuine, excellent; 2. made of silver of standard fineness
venture (n.)a risky or daring undertaking
venture (v.)to expose to danger; to dare
warp (v.)to twist out of shape
warp (n.)an abnormality