Vocab Unit 8 Flashcards

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1. a pledge; 2. freedom from doubt, self-confidenceassurance
1. an institution for the care of children, elderly people; 2. a place of safetyasylum
to comfortconsole (v.)
a control panel for an electrical or mechanical deviceconsole (n.)
to become larger or wider, to expand upondilate
refuse, waste productsdross
to lessen, diminishdwindle
lacking in seriousness, disrespectful, saucyflippant
1. resistance to disease; 2. freedom from some charge or obligationimmunity
to establish, set upinstitute (v.)
an organization for the promotion of learninginstitute (n.)
1. a debt; 2. something disadvantageousliability
ridiculous, senselesspreposterous
quarrelsome, fond of fightingpugnacious
1. furious, violently intense, unreasonably extreme; 2. mad, infected with rabiesrabid
1. a kingdom; 2. a region or field of studyrealm
1. to make young again; 2. to make like newrejuvenate
to reward, pay, reimburseremunerate
meager, scantsparse
1. genuine, excellent; 2. made of silver of standard finenesssterling
a risky or daring undertakingventure (n.)
to expose to danger; to dareventure (v.)
to twist out of shapewarp (v.)
an abnormalitywarp (n.)